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5 Tips For Hardwood Floor Repairs – See More Posts from us – November 13th, 2023

5 Tips For Hardwood Floor Repairs

Enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your wood floors through effective flooring repair strategies. From patching to refinishing, discover the essential insights to elevate the look and durability of your hardwood surfaces.

1. Patching Hardwood Floors

If you’re dealing with gaps or damaged planks in your floors, consider gluing or nailing down new wood to patch the material. Whether you’re replacing entire boards or using smaller pieces for narrow gaps, the key is finding a match for your existing floors. If a prefinished piece doesn’t blend in, finishing it with a complementary shade is crucial.

2. Mending Scratched or Dented Planks

Wood fillers are effective for repairing scratched or dented floors. Depending on the product and the size of imperfections, you can apply the filler with a putty knife or directly from the tube, smoothing it out. After it dries, sand it like real wood and apply a finish for a seamless result

3. Fixing Squeaky Boards

To address squeaky planks, use shims and, if needed, a solid piece of lumber. Insert the shims between the subfloor and joists, gently hammering them into place. If dealing with multiple squeaking boards, secure them with a piece of lumber (cleat) to prevent unwanted movement and eliminate the creaky, whistling sound caused by planks rubbing against each other.

4. Refinishing Peeling Hardwoods

When dealing with peeling hardwoods, the key solution is sanding. Sand down the planks to expose bare wood, removing any problematic finish or sealant. Subsequently, refinish your floors using a more resilient option such as aluminum-oxide or acid-cured finish for enhanced durability

5. How do you know when it time to replace your floors?

While hardwood floor refinishing, patching, and filling offer significant improvements, there comes a point when even diligently maintained floors may require replacement. If they are several decades old and exhibit widespread damage, the underlying issues might extend beyond cosmetic concerns.

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